If you’ve ever wanted to go one step farther in the desert, this is your chance! With an off-roading vehicle, our buggy riers will get lost in a new adventure world during this Dune Buggies rides. If you want to enjoy this activity with your family, renting a dune buggy with 4 seats is an available option. Either driving on your own way, or with an expert buggy driver/guide.  We provide several dune buggy rides,  where a professional driver/guide will give you and your friends the best buggy lifetime experience. After one of these experiences, y ou’ll never look at sand again as being boring.
To prevent you from saying, “Well, I’ve always wanted to ride a dune buggy but we don’t have the equipment,” we’ve created a list of the best seller dune buggy vacations,  where you can feel and live a pure buggy adventure in the deep Sahara desert.

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